Japan Tote +Links

Bagsnob featured this funky carryall along with a warm review of the product and its cause- the profits are all going to Global Giving to help with the relief efforts after the Tsunami.

Kindness is always in fashion. It’s a lovely sentiment, and an adorable tote. click here to get one!

  • Natural insect repellants. Very timely- I hate smelling like a chemical factory so much that I would gladly take the bug bites over most sprays.
  • Kelly Osborne wore a tribute beehive hairdo for bf Amy Winehouse’s funeral. Sad, sad thing. It’s hard to see someone you care about hurt themselves like that, and it gives me mixed feelings of sadness and satisfaction to see those who knew her and cared about her are giving her a well-trimmed farewell.
  • A few good tips here on making cut-offs from an old pair of jeans. Check it out here..
  • Check out the new ChloĆ© snakeskin handbags– they have snake heads and little beady snake eyes. I love. I want.
  • Kudos to Tyra Banks for being original. I’m thinking Wonderwoman goes to Mardi Gras in business casuals or something. It’s so weird, but I think that’s due to the thing on her face. Without it, the tie would be pretty cute.
  • Metallic accesories are big right now.
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    Reblogging: Wedding Dress Paper Dolls

    I just put this on my other blog.
    I shared some images of Joan Crawford, Julia Roberts, Nia Vardalos, and Anne Hathaway, but there are fifteen plates in all. So fun.

    This is a set from a beloved publisher of mine, Dover Publications. They make sticker books, activity books and other cute things like that. Now you can even sign up for free email samplers. I’m having fun.

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    People are wearing yellow right now.

    Ginnifer Goodwin, Freida Pinto, and Nicola Roberts

    I wouldn’t normally condone this type of behavior, but it’s really not looking too shabby. Katy Perry too- that Smurfette dress is a riot (and the yellow hair is much better than brunette, imo).

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    The Shark Night 3D Ladies at Comic Con

    The stars of what promises to be a camp smash made a good showing at the first day of Comic Con.

    I could have sworn Sara Paxton was wearing the Charlotte Olympia Dolly but it isn’t open toe, so I’m stuck, but she looks great with the beachy wavy curls.

    I found the images here, but I gotta disagree with the author of the article. Some of the Twilight stars look nice enough, but I’m not getting wowed (and the fact that the leading lady showed up in grubbies isn’t helping the image).

    Maybe it’s the fact that the Shark girls know this is probably the biggest promotional gig they’re gonna get, so they’re turning on the sparkle, and the Twilight actors are just making one stop at the beginning of what will surely be a relentless promotional tour for Breaking Dawn? Who knows. Anyway, they totally underwhelmed me. I think I wanna go out and watch Shark 3D now.

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    Gwen Stefani does harajuku kids’ clothes+Links

    Good luck to Gwen Stefani and her new endeaver with Target.
    Her unique but trendy tastes are really suited for something like Harajuku- I can totally see this. After what she did with L.A.M.B., I’m looking forward to the line. Go Gwen!

    Other items:

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    Miley Cyrus and Wal Mart. Ugh.

    Okay, this is snarky, but…

    Did we really need a big name label or celebrity collaboration to produce this?

    I’ve just read this tidbit that her WalMart line may not be around much longer (followed by a collection of star-designer disaster stories), and I feel a little mean for this but… no big loss!

    I go back and forth on celeb-endorsed clothing lines. As much as it smacks of selling out or nepotism or both, sometimes people can really surprise us with what they produce.

    PS- I know she has decent taste in clothing. That layered Zuhair Murad gown she wore was a stroke of genius. Did she even look at the drawings of these clothes before the designs were approved for construction? I don’t have any way of knowing, but I’m guessing not. How could Max Azria let that happen? I just feel like both have shown too much evidence of good taste to get caught producing crap. (Yes, Miley, I think you are too capable of good taste for this! Shame, girl.) Okay, I’m done.

    PPS- in that link- they left out Paris Hilton and Liza Minnelli

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    Charlotte Church became a red head, Vanessa Hudgens became grunge.

    Adventures in amateur beauty school!

    What’s a girl to do? First, she’s the Angel-voiced princess, then she’s the tabloid teen celebrity with a badly received segue pop album, then the television humorist, then the WAG, then the single mom, now she’s the returning star trolling a new album that no one seems to want (even though it’s very good). A big Esquire interview seemingly results in nothing better for her than egg on her face over an offhand remark about the Queen… seems like everyone enjoys Charlotte-the-Trainwreck as much as they enjoyed the Voice of an Angel. So the other day she got caught with her underwear around her ankle…

    Then she got out a packet of Kool Aid and dyed her hair. I love her, but I can only think this was a diversion. Anyone out there like this look?

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Vanessa Hudgens, who is also going through some hair drama, but under more positive public scrutiny. What’s more, her new look is actually appealing to me for some reason. After hacking it off for her movie Gimme Shelter, she says she misses the long hair, which is understandable. It was gorgeous. Now it’s a little heroine-chic, but I can’t help kind of digging it. I think it makes her look more grown up.

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