Viktor & Rolf Spring 2012

*I ripped off the image from RCFA again- I just couldn't find a better comparison.

I just saw a post RCFA of Jessica Chastain wearing (and sucking the life out of) an amazing dress, and it got me wandering over to the line, and well, lo and behold I loved it. Viktor and Rolf’s Spring 2012 collection- you can click here to see it on It is seriously fabulous. I never really paid much attention to that label in the past, but I’ll probably start noticing them now.

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I haven’t seen anyone wearing the oversized threading looks yet, and I have a sneaky suspicion that they’re going to get the most love from the Nikki Minaj/Katy Perry crowd, which is kinda tragic. Granted some of these are pretty costumey, but I think they could really be classy as statement pieces on a red carpet. (Except for that enormous black and red vampire number- that one isn’t going anywhere but Lady Gaga).


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2 Responses to Viktor & Rolf Spring 2012

  1. Rachel says:

    Even though I probably would never wear this stuff, I can still appreciate high fashion as a viable form of art. It’s really quite interesting…

    • kirinjirafa says:

      Yeah… I can’t imagine how uncomfortable some of these ladies must be, walking around, posing, smiling, looking fresh and excited with the shoes and dresses they’re wearing… but yummy nummy, I love couture clothing these days. LOL

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