Reblogging about feathers.

I just posted this on my other blog:

Stylelist published this article pointing out how Anna Dello Russo looks a lot like Big Bird in her yellow feather dress. I agree completely- check out the picture they included with the post:

Hee hee.
Ladies, feathers on dresses need to be very strategically located, or they make you look like you skinned a muppet.

Now this is just my humble opinion, but I do believe they kind of lend an old Hollywood glamour to a gown, if they’re not plastered over the bodice like a suit of armor. I keep thinking of Eva Gabor (I gave up looking for a better picture of her). Feather boa on the shoulders? Um, okay. Vittoria Puccini was amazing at the Venice film festival in her white Versace gown, and she didn’t look she had just gotten mugged by a technicolor ostrich. It can be done. The feathered evening wear look can work.

But right now, it just keeps being this:


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I have far too many interests, start far too many projects, and buy far too many books. Many of them are about giraffes, but not nearly enough.
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