Alexis Bittar Makes Me Happy

Nylon magazine featured this custom pink version of a necklace by Alexis Bittar that says

Reality TV makes me SAD

Yeah, Baby!

The first time anything by this designer caught my attention, I was browsing through Nordstrom and noticed a rack of his lucite bracelets, which looked to my unknowing eye just like sparkly plastic bangles hanging loose on a display stand. I considered getting one or two until I saw the price tags listing them as two hundred dollar items. Completely floored me.

They are lovely, though, right?
I admit I hadn’t pegged them as expensive items at first glance, maybe since they were nonchalantly set out in the open (and YES $150 or more is expensive for a bangle bracelet). I’ll go so far as to say I was even shocked at an object like that commanding such a price in an ordinary mall (The sales crew told me they sold like hotcakes- I don’t even wanna hear about a recession!). Anyway, the brushed lucite and embedded crystals stayed in my mind, partly because of the dissonance over the price, and partly because they were so pretty. Each time I’ve returned to that store since then, I’ve gone to look at them.

It’s not awful hard to find originality without balance, but Alexis Bittar has both, and it appeals to me. Check out the “vintage jewelery” link on his website and see what I mean:


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