Japan Tote +Links

Bagsnob featured this funky carryall along with a warm review of the product and its cause- the profits are all going to Global Giving to help with the relief efforts after the Tsunami.

Kindness is always in fashion. It’s a lovely sentiment, and an adorable tote. click here to get one!

  • Natural insect repellants. Very timely- I hate smelling like a chemical factory so much that I would gladly take the bug bites over most sprays.
  • Kelly Osborne wore a tribute beehive hairdo for bf Amy Winehouse’s funeral. Sad, sad thing. It’s hard to see someone you care about hurt themselves like that, and it gives me mixed feelings of sadness and satisfaction to see those who knew her and cared about her are giving her a well-trimmed farewell.
  • A few good tips here on making cut-offs from an old pair of jeans. Check it out here..
  • Check out the new Chloé snakeskin handbags– they have snake heads and little beady snake eyes. I love. I want.
  • Kudos to Tyra Banks for being original. I’m thinking Wonderwoman goes to Mardi Gras in business casuals or something. It’s so weird, but I think that’s due to the thing on her face. Without it, the tie would be pretty cute.
  • Metallic accesories are big right now.
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