The Shark Night 3D Ladies at Comic Con

The stars of what promises to be a camp smash made a good showing at the first day of Comic Con.

I could have sworn Sara Paxton was wearing the Charlotte Olympia Dolly but it isn’t open toe, so I’m stuck, but she looks great with the beachy wavy curls.

I found the images here, but I gotta disagree with the author of the article. Some of the Twilight stars look nice enough, but I’m not getting wowed (and the fact that the leading lady showed up in grubbies isn’t helping the image).

Maybe it’s the fact that the Shark girls know this is probably the biggest promotional gig they’re gonna get, so they’re turning on the sparkle, and the Twilight actors are just making one stop at the beginning of what will surely be a relentless promotional tour for Breaking Dawn? Who knows. Anyway, they totally underwhelmed me. I think I wanna go out and watch Shark 3D now.


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I have far too many interests, start far too many projects, and buy far too many books. Many of them are about giraffes, but not nearly enough.
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