Miley Cyrus and Wal Mart. Ugh.

Okay, this is snarky, but…

Did we really need a big name label or celebrity collaboration to produce this?

I’ve just read this tidbit that her WalMart line may not be around much longer (followed by a collection of star-designer disaster stories), and I feel a little mean for this but… no big loss!

I go back and forth on celeb-endorsed clothing lines. As much as it smacks of selling out or nepotism or both, sometimes people can really surprise us with what they produce.

PS- I know she has decent taste in clothing. That layered Zuhair Murad gown she wore was a stroke of genius. Did she even look at the drawings of these clothes before the designs were approved for construction? I don’t have any way of knowing, but I’m guessing not. How could Max Azria let that happen? I just feel like both have shown too much evidence of good taste to get caught producing crap. (Yes, Miley, I think you are too capable of good taste for this! Shame, girl.) Okay, I’m done.

PPS- in that link- they left out Paris Hilton and Liza Minnelli


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I have far too many interests, start far too many projects, and buy far too many books. Many of them are about giraffes, but not nearly enough.
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