Charlotte Church became a red head, Vanessa Hudgens became grunge.

Adventures in amateur beauty school!

What’s a girl to do? First, she’s the Angel-voiced princess, then she’s the tabloid teen celebrity with a badly received segue pop album, then the television humorist, then the WAG, then the single mom, now she’s the returning star trolling a new album that no one seems to want (even though it’s very good). A big Esquire interview seemingly results in nothing better for her than egg on her face over an offhand remark about the Queen… seems like everyone enjoys Charlotte-the-Trainwreck as much as they enjoyed the Voice of an Angel. So the other day she got caught with her underwear around her ankle…

Then she got out a packet of Kool Aid and dyed her hair. I love her, but I can only think this was a diversion. Anyone out there like this look?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Vanessa Hudgens, who is also going through some hair drama, but under more positive public scrutiny. What’s more, her new look is actually appealing to me for some reason. After hacking it off for her movie Gimme Shelter, she says she misses the long hair, which is understandable. It was gorgeous. Now it’s a little heroine-chic, but I can’t help kind of digging it. I think it makes her look more grown up.


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