Good work, Kate.

“Royal Bride Sparks Fascinator Frenzy”
…so reads a headline from the Wall Street Journal.

Good work, Kate! For someone who has every stitch of clothing she owns scrutinized (and, ugh, ruthlessly compared to her husband’s famous mother), she’s held her own with poise, confidence and aplomb all around. I tend to gush when I like something or someone, but occasionally a little gushing is merited. Fascinators deserve gushing.

I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that Princess Beatrice sparked a renewed interest in them with her Philip Treacy creation,
and with as much combined ridicule and admiration as she has gotten for it, I can’t help thinking Philip Treacy sales must have skyrocketed.

And rightly so- the guy is an artist:

This is the first Philip Treacy headdress I ever saw. I did a double take at first, but it quickly grew on me. From a logistics point alone, I can’t help wondering how it stays upright and balanced, but maybe that kind of thing detracts from the aesthetic enjoyment.

If I ever become a superhero, I will be asking Philip Treacy to construct my headgear.


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I have far too many interests, start far too many projects, and buy far too many books. Many of them are about giraffes, but not nearly enough.
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