Itty Bitty Fashion Icons

I just read this article about Selah Marley. I would be willing to bet a nickel that she’s wearing Miu Miu. (*I just reread that and realized what I said- that dress is stella mccartney.) It immediately made me think of this article about Kiernan Shipka.

“I follow fashion trends,” she says, tipping her chin a bit to the sky and speaking with the sort of elocution that would have her at the top of her class at Spence. “My closet’s full of Papo d’Anjo,” she continues. “They’re my main brand. I just absolutely love them because the quality is so amazing. Chloé has some amazing kids’ pieces, too, and I have a lot of D&G Junior. Grace Kelly is my fashion inspiration—a classic look, with beautiful pieces, and very pretty.”

Kiernan Shipka

I wonder how long this can work. The telegraph put up a gallery of a bunch of them here.

Chloe Moritz

Hailee Steinfeld (wearing an amazing Prada gown)

Little girls being looked at as style icons and getting invited to fashion shows… am I behind the times, or is this a new thing? I’m not down on these kids- they’re cute and it’s very nice to see little famous kids getting in the limelight for non-destructive things. Kinda nice.


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