Nude Lipstick

I’m into nude lipcolor right now, and I like this tutorial. I’ve found over the last… oh… five years that my lips have been much more prone to chapping and discoloration than they were when I was a little younger, so I’ve had to kind of rethink my lipstick regimen. They constantly have this pinkish, blotchy color, and they’re also always cracked. So this.

Here are the products I’m liking. Two I’ve used and two are new to me. I have been using the Revlon photoready powder for a while now with good results, both as a face powder and to blend my lip color in with the rest of my makeup, and I’ve used the lipliner too, also with good results, although I’ve never tried the color she’s using in the tutorial. I need a new stick of lipliner, so I’m thinking I’ll give it a shot. The ones that are new are the primer and the lipcolor.

You can find these at the MAC and Revlon websites.

Prep+Prime Lip base

Lip Pencil Strip Down

Viva Glam Nude Lipstick

Revlon PhotoReady translucent finisher powder

I used to use a concealer stick and nude lipgloss with the photoready powder on top, but I’m having trouble keeping them looking moisturized (hence the base) and outlined (hence the pencil). Then they stopped making the concealer stick I use. So I gotta come up with a new combo. It’s a nuisance journey.

*As a little disclaimer here, let me say these are products that I’ve either bought and used myself or thought might be good. No one asked me or paid me to say this stuff. Just saying.


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