Fan Bing Bing and her Sunglasses

Okay, cute overload here- in case her looks aren’t adorable enough, and in case it’s not adorable enough that her name is Fan Bing Bing, she goes and wears these little sunglasses with a little bow thingy on them. Oh, she’s so cute! I’m drooling on my keyboard. Over the top accessories really make my toes curl. I just read that she wore this to attend the Christian Dior show for Paris Fashion week (LOOK at those gloves! her hair!). I noticed that a lot of the other people reading that post expressed that they felt she had a bit too much going on with this look, but I happen to like it just as it is. That dainty wristwatch, the cherry red lipstick… but the eyewear really steals it for me.

As of the writing of this post, I am trying my darnedest to identify those sunglasses, but I’m starting to wonder if they aren’t gajillion-dollar custom made frames that she had done for this event or something. They probably cost a fortune anyway. In the meantime, I found these at Kohls. For those of us who won’t be spending a ton of money on something like this, they’re a decent substitute.


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I have far too many interests, start far too many projects, and buy far too many books. Many of them are about giraffes, but not nearly enough.
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4 Responses to Fan Bing Bing and her Sunglasses

  1. She’s absolutely precious. Think the knock-offs are better, though.

    • kirinjirafa says:

      A lot of the Red Carpet Fashion Awards people thought that too. One commenter said it looked like a bandage over her eye 😀

      Honestly, I can’t get enough of them.

  2. loving roses says:

    ohhhh! i just love them, they’re so cute and stylish i woul love to have one of those
    so cool !!!!!

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