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Nerd Chic

Like my Schmotter collage?

Just saw this on a magazine rack and thought at first that I really didn’t need to pay three bucks for a magazine just cuz there was this cute little nerdy guy on the front, but then I saw it again at the next store, and well…

Awwww. That bow tie…

Nerd chic is where it’s at, I tell ya. The cover made me want to dedicate a post to the trend. I remember when Anne Hathaway rocked the geek glasses for the Rio LA Premiere, and I thought she was adorable in them. I have a few friends who’ve told me they aren’t buying it as a workable fashion trend (I’m paraphrasing big time on that), but I just think it is. Workable. As a fashion trend.

Anne is wearing a royal purple Gucci sheath dress with a very flattering hairstyle, but the glasses give her ensemble the real character.

Even Hello Kitty took a turn with the look; you can get this handbag and a host of other lovable Hello Dorky stuff like sunglass cases and keychains to accessories for yourself in a less subtle way to show off your geeky side. I’ve been thinking for a while now that I want the purse, but do I really need more Sanrio stuff?

I’m really a little too old to wear costumey things, but when I was younger I went around in kind of neo-Victorian garb, and I would have really jumped on this one, but it just wasn’t cool in the 80s and 90s (Steve Urkel notwithstanding) and anyway I’ve always been a for-real nerd, so it’s just as well that I didn’t go around flagrently emulating the fashionably out-of-touch appearance as a teen.

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Viktor & Rolf Spring 2012

*I ripped off the image from RCFA again- I just couldn't find a better comparison.

I just saw a post RCFA of Jessica Chastain wearing (and sucking the life out of) an amazing dress, and it got me wandering over to the line, and well, lo and behold I loved it. Viktor and Rolf’s Spring 2012 collection- you can click here to see it on Style.com. It is seriously fabulous. I never really paid much attention to that label in the past, but I’ll probably start noticing them now.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I haven’t seen anyone wearing the oversized threading looks yet, and I have a sneaky suspicion that they’re going to get the most love from the Nikki Minaj/Katy Perry crowd, which is kinda tragic. Granted some of these are pretty costumey, but I think they could really be classy as statement pieces on a red carpet. (Except for that enormous black and red vampire number- that one isn’t going anywhere but Lady Gaga).

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Reblogging about feathers.

I just posted this on my other blog:

Stylelist published this article pointing out how Anna Dello Russo looks a lot like Big Bird in her yellow feather dress. I agree completely- check out the picture they included with the post:

Hee hee.
Ladies, feathers on dresses need to be very strategically located, or they make you look like you skinned a muppet.

Now this is just my humble opinion, but I do believe they kind of lend an old Hollywood glamour to a gown, if they’re not plastered over the bodice like a suit of armor. I keep thinking of Eva Gabor (I gave up looking for a better picture of her). Feather boa on the shoulders? Um, okay. Vittoria Puccini was amazing at the Venice film festival in her white Versace gown, and she didn’t look she had just gotten mugged by a technicolor ostrich. It can be done. The feathered evening wear look can work.

But right now, it just keeps being this:

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Alexis Bittar Makes Me Happy

Nylon magazine featured this custom pink version of a necklace by Alexis Bittar that says

Reality TV makes me SAD

Yeah, Baby!

The first time anything by this designer caught my attention, I was browsing through Nordstrom and noticed a rack of his lucite bracelets, which looked to my unknowing eye just like sparkly plastic bangles hanging loose on a display stand. I considered getting one or two until I saw the price tags listing them as two hundred dollar items. Completely floored me.

They are lovely, though, right?
I admit I hadn’t pegged them as expensive items at first glance, maybe since they were nonchalantly set out in the open (and YES $150 or more is expensive for a bangle bracelet). I’ll go so far as to say I was even shocked at an object like that commanding such a price in an ordinary mall (The sales crew told me they sold like hotcakes- I don’t even wanna hear about a recession!). Anyway, the brushed lucite and embedded crystals stayed in my mind, partly because of the dissonance over the price, and partly because they were so pretty. Each time I’ve returned to that store since then, I’ve gone to look at them.

It’s not awful hard to find originality without balance, but Alexis Bittar has both, and it appeals to me. Check out the “vintage jewelery” link on his website and see what I mean:

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Joan and David Shoes

A big meeting for me comes up every year in early September, and I attack it with a new pair of shoes. Little tradition of mine there- I let myself spend a little extra money on a pricey pair of shoes that will give me the emotional edge I’ll need to tackle an important presentation. In the process of hunting for this year’s shoe, I have discovered Joan and David, a label which I have previously not given much attention.

I’m seriously thinking that the Flipp platform pump (don’t ya love these names?) may be this year’s winner. Classic, feminine, strong, solid, surprisingly comfortable… this shoe really does a lot. Normally I would get something OTT and busy, but as I wandered around the shoes, my eyes kept going back to the striking shades of red and blue in this.

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